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A change is as good as a rest, as they say. So one might hope that a long rest followed by a change would be even better. Let’s hope so. After a long hiatus in which I have blogged only very rarely, at least in part because of an unwillingness to keep my Drupal installation up to date, I figured it was about time for a relaunch.

So, welcome to “Jock’s Geomutualist Review” my new whiz-bang WordPress blog. I can’t believe I didn’t move before now. Whilst I do love Drupal it is way too powerful and therefore way too complicated to manage for just a little personal blog. Hopefully the move to something that feels altogether easier to manage, and has better tools for posting from various devices, will help let me focus on writing and opinion rather than the technology.

It’s not as if there’s a great shortage of things to comment on in the world of politics, domestic and international, and the economics that underpins it all. The title, “Geomutualist Review”, gives a strong hint of what I want to focus on. I want to try and show how voluntary co-operation can do better than state coercion in all aspects of life and society. I will try and counter what appears to be a growing tendency to reach for the big state stick when people think something needs doing. And I will try to show how alternative non-coercive institutions and mores can deal better with many of the pressing issues we see around us, from the equitable distribution of economic welfare, to managing the planet’s resources.

The old blog is still there, and won’t be going anywhere, for now at least, but all new content will be posted here. And I will try and copy across such articles from my previous gaff as and when they appear they might be useful here.

So hopefully this will be an informative and at times provocative journey. I do hope you will join me on it and see where it takes us. And as always, comments, constructive or otherwise, are always gratefully received.

Okay, so I think I’m about ready to go with this: Hello World!
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