OECD Policy Highlights Document: Governance of Land Use
OECD Policy Highlights Document: Governance of Land Use

The OECD has a Policy Highlight document out, summarising two forthcoming publications on the governance of land use. In it (page 17) it advocates for Land Value Tax:

If governments aim to encourage efficient land use within urban areas, they may also consider the introduction of a pure land value tax, which provides particularly strong incentives for an efficient use of the most valuable land. In contrast to property taxes, a pure land value tax does not tax sparsely built-up land less than densely built-up land. Thus, it makes it unprofitable to use expensive land at low densities and encourages densification especially in the centres of the most expensive cities.

OECD and Land Value Tax
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  • John Payne

    Interesting document I will read later. I noticed on an initial scan a rather strange statement in the first paragraph on page 4 to the effect that a third of man made Co2 emissions are linked to land use. Would somebody explain how this is not always 100%: or perhaps man can exist some of the time without using land!