Image courtesy of David Amsler at Flickr
Image courtesy of David Amsler at Flickr

Renting is for losers. Apparently. It is only now that any form of buying is out of reach of so many who a generation ago would have been able to buy, that people have taken up the cause for renters of all classes. As what would have been yuppies in the 80s now see little chance of buying they have formed groups like “Generation Rent” and “PricedOut”. This is good, insofar as it goes, and inasmuch as they actually understand the phenomenon of rent.

But if we can show that everyone else pays rent for most of their lives, even if they think they’ve bought their home, and that really the only people to gain from this are about 2% of people who are private landlords, isn’t that a “We Are The 98%” worth fighting for?

This is no special “Generation Rent” but a millennium of political-economy dominated by rent.

Millennium Rent more like
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