Law, properly speaking, is something that can be discoverable by reason, that enacts “justice”, which in turn is the rendering to each and everyone of their just rights. To be “equal before the law” is to have these just rights upheld for everyone without discrimination.

Something that sets one over another such as force is implied and needed to maintain that rule has nothing to do with justice. It is the very epitome of privilege, private (privus) law (lex). Law, emergent law, is about the restitution of wrongs to another, not about controlling others through status and privilege. When we understand that we might just begin to enter an age of proper human rights and justice.

Most of what people call “law” as is passed down by legislators is of the second kind, control by status and privilege. And makes a mockery of so called democracy. Legislators are, in effect, utterly redundant.

Law and human rights
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