jchatiiHello, I am Jock Coats, and I publish this blog.

I am about a half century old, and live in Oxford, UK, where I work for one of the city’s universities primarily in IT, supporting online learning systems. I am also a warden in one of their halls of residence, helping to look after some of our 1600 residents, mostly in their first year at university.

I have been active politically for a couple of decades now, during which time I am steadily moved from a fairly strong advocate of collectivist coercion (and have been a city councillor doing just that) to one in which I believe firmly that the state is an unnecessary evil that humanity needs to move past in order to progress and enable all to reach their potential. I was also a governor of the university for four years.

I can be contacted via the various links to social media services along the top of the page.